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Point to Point Telecom, LLC now offers reconditioned General Electric MDS SD9 MAS licensed radios.

Elsinore Peak 1,800 Sq. Ft. Shared Communications Facility with two 120 ft. Towers

For more than 50 years, Point to Point Telecom LLC has provided Radio Frequency Consulting, System and Site Engineering Services in the Greater Los Angeles Basin.  In addition, we have developed, own and operate many shared use communications facilities, like the one pictured above.  This experience has provided us with the opportunity to manage competing interests in customer and RF issues to the satisfaction of all parties. We have designed transmitter and receiver combining systems to accommodate more than 100 repeaters and base stations at a single facility, and continue to coordinate and manage Radio frequency interference issues at shared facilities. Other facilities we currently  provide technical support include Pleasants Peak and Crestline facilities.    

If you have a unique or compelling interference issue that needs resolving, contact us for a no-charge discussion of possible solutions. We also continue to provide Consulting,  Site and System Engineering Services to the business public throughout Southern California.     

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