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Accessories for GE MDS SD9 928 - 960 MHz Licensed Data Radios

 Omni-Directional Antennas - We suggest buying the very best antenna for your main or master station, as all communications comes and goes through this single antenna.  There are several very good antenna manufacturers which includes Sinclair Technologies, RFS, dbSpectra, Commander Technologies, and Telewave.  My preference is Sinclair Technologies for the master antenna.  There are several issues to consider when deciding which model and brand to purchase.  These are outlined on the antenna page, with the link below.  Specifications are located HERE.  

note: A flexible jumper usually made with 16" of RG-214/U and two silver-plated crimp Type-N connectors, connects the antenna to the 7/8" Heliax cable.

SINCLAIR SC-488 928-960 MHz Collinear Omni Ant, 10 dBd Gain, 0 Degree Downtilt - $1,690

Yagi Beam Antennas - We suggest using the Laird YB8966 black anodized 6 element antenna. We prefer this as the black anodized coating sheds ice better than other antennas, and is non-reflective.  It has a sturdy mounting bracket and the connector is a female Type-N, built into the end of the mast.  Specifications are HERE. Includes heavy duty cast aluminum bracket accommodates up to 2-1/2” mast.  Has gain of 9 dBd, or 11.2 dBi.  Generally, these are mounted to a 1.5 to 2.5 inch pipe.

Laird fully welded, black anodized directional Yagi antenna with 6 elements, 896-970 MHz, . $150

Battery Backed AC Power Supplies - We prefer the battery backed MeanWell DRC Series of AC supplies, that can be DIN rail mounted.  These are inexpensive and available in 12 or 24 VDC output, with a separate connection for a backup battery.  The input is auto-ranging from 90 to 264 VAC, so it will easily take power surges on the AC line.  We suggest the 60 watt version to power a single SD9 Radio and the 100 watt version for two SD9 radios.  This will allow for sufficient margin to charge the batteries and run cool.  The specifications for the DRC-60 are HERE and the specs for the DRC-100 are HERE.  Battery is not included.  See your local battery store.

The pricing does not include taxes or shipping.

12 VDC -   60 Watt  DRC-60A sells for $39.95
12 VDC - 100 Watt DRC-100A sells for $49.95

24 VDC -   60 Watt  DRC-60B sells for $39.95
24 VDC - 100 Watt DRC-100B sells for $49.95

Coaxial Cable - We suggest using Heliax solid copper [with plastic jacket] cable for all Master station installations and any remote with a cable run of more than 50 feet. Otherwise, for short remote station installs, we suggest using LMR400 style cable with crimp connectors.  Heliax cable comes in various diameters, but we suggest using what is considered 1/2 inch for runs up to 100 ft, and 7/8 inch for 100 ft or longer runs.  The master station should always use 7/8" cable up to 150 ft, and larger Heliax if longer. Heliax cable is cut to order and connectors are attached at that time.  The connectors can be removed and replaced easily with normal hand tools should the cable need to be routed through the wall.  

1/2" Heliax with two female Type-N connectors is $xx, plus $xx for each foot of cable

7/8" Heliax with two female Type-N connectors is $xx, plus $xx for each foot of cable

LMR400 with one male and one female Type-N connector - 25 Ft.  is $xx

LMR400 with one male and one female Type-N connector - 50 Ft.  is $xx

Weather Seal Kit for coaxial cable - We suggest using

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