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What's All This Open-Source Stuff About?

In recent years, many open-source projects have started, which has fueled the Open Source Hardware Association ( We believe the largest open-source hardware project is which was started by Facebook, and many smaller how-to design projects from 3D printers to one IC radios. Open-source software projects like the many flavors of Linux, Apache, OpenOffice, Android, and thousand others less well known have existed for decades. Designers across the globe have created open-source projects with the hope others can help improve their designs, create more improved hardware based upon those designs, and eventually drive the price of that hardware down to commodity prices, as done in the computer field. We hope the open-source concept grows in the LMR field, providing ever declining prices for all users, whether hams, businesses, or for public safety.  


Open-Source Projects Closely Relating to LMR communications


AllStar Linking - An popular open IP standard for interconnection including receiver voting and simulcast  

Myriad RF - Myriad RF is a family of open source hardware and software projects for wireless communications   

Free Star* - Upgrade existing FM repeater to carry D-Star traffic

DVRPTR -  Digital voice modem to do many formats   

MMDVM - Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem Project (Successor to DVRPTR)

XIPAR The Open Source Amateur Radio over IP Project 

Osmocom - Software and tools for mobile communication standards, including GSM, DECT, TETRA and others       

OpenBTS - A simple GSM based cellular network that can be deployed at far lower cost than existing technologies

OP25 Project to create a software-defined analyzer for APCO P25, aka Worlds Cheapest P25 Receiver

Funcube Dongle Simple 64 MHz to 1,700 MHz Software Defined Radio (needs preselector in big cities)
DV-Dongle Vocoder for D-Star audio using AMBE 2020 IC as home-brew project
Asterisk -  Asterisk is a free and open source for building communications applications on a PC
OpenVLC - An open-source, software-defined, flexible, low-cost Visible Light Communication platform?
OpenOffice - The Free and Open Productivity Suite that works like Microsoft Office, but free...
OpenRepeater - Full-featured Repeater Controller using Rasberry Pi

Not Open-Source, but is of great interest to like minded users

GitHub - A Repository for software developers, open for downloads of current software versions    




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