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This web site will be the location Open Source hardware projects will be sold, that were developed on the web site.  The cost of projects listed here is expected to be slightly greater than the one-off cost to produce. These may be in kit form, with all necessary components, and/or fully assembled and tested product.  Projects that require special testing, special enclosures, or undergo expensive certification such as FCC Type Acceptance, will have that additional cost embedded into the overall cost of the wired and tested products.  

As we pass through the various design and test stages, we will revise our final cost targets. Some of the initial products may also be crowd funded, to guarantee a minimum quantity  to cover the software development costs, and reach a broader user base.     

Some of the projects we expect to offer in the near future, in no particular order are:

10 MHz GPS Disciplined Oscillator, with Limited Holdover Stability of  <15ppb/hr with TCXO

10 MHz GPS Disciplined Oscillator, with Extended Holdover Stability of <5ppb/hr with OCXO

Compact FM Receiver, with bands covering 30-1,000 MHz, 11F3 or 16F3 for voting applications

Compact 5 Watt FM Exciter, with bands covering 30-1000 MHz, 1 PPM, Analog or Digital Modulation

AllStar Compatible RoIP Interface Specifically Designed for Simulcast, using the items above

AllStar Compatible Interface for Receive Voter Only Applications with 1 PPS GPS

A variety of machined housings and accessories to accommodate items above  


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