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Crestline - Pavaiki Ridge Shared Use Communications Facility

Street View of Facility

This facility is located at 22301 Playground Drive, in Crestline, California. The facility can provide space for a single base station, repeater, microwave relay or more, utilizing several rack spaces, half or full height cabinets, or entire private rooms. The facility is constructed on U.S. Forest Service property, and is governed by a Site Management Plan to assure compatibility and limit interference. Since the facility is pre-approved as a Electronics Site and is on Federal property, no additional state or local permits or approvals are required prior to installing equipment.  We can provide space for government, utility, business or limited personal use.  

The facility has a standby generator and is served by local exchange carrier Frontier Communication, providing voice and data circuits. Users of the facility have low-speed Internet service available for voice and telemetery, at no additional charge. 

The entrance to the facility is fully paved from the public street to the front door.  The facility is alarmed, has a 8 ft high security fence, and has CCTV monitoring.

Site Parameters

Lat                34-14-11.2
Long             117-18-58.2
Elevation        1622.4 Meters  [5323 ft] AMSL
Antenna Structure Height  55 ft or 16.8 Meters
Antenna Structure Type - Lattice Tower [26' wide at base]  
Existing License -   WQYN653  MHO Networks

Any questions, call Terri Buchmiller at 949-212-1021

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